Creative Ideas for Collecting First Party Data

Best Strategies for First-Party Data Collection

1. Feedback surveys or quizzes

On many occasions, customers are willing to provide the necessary data, all they need is for someone to ask them the right questions. This is the scenario when Surveys come in handy. By curating the appropriate questions, directly or indirectly, customers can provide valuable feedback or their preferences which can be instrumental in the brand’s decisions going forward. Feedback surveys immediately after users have experienced service or spent a significant amount of time on your website, are a good way of capturing first-hand information from them.

2. Engagement initiatives

Engagement initiatives that pertain to a brand exclusively generate excitement amongst customers and can be used to create unforgettable experiences as well as encourage customers to share information to help improve satisfaction. Such events can begin with a physical form filling and continue over to participating in new product launches, participating in games and trivia to win exciting prizes, and encouraging the use of social media hashtags to publicize the event. Such events are a direct pathway to customers who care enough about the brand to be physically present and help build a personalized customer to company relationship.

3. Adding games

Having a creative tool that obtains user data pertaining to a particular product, can be a great option for first party data collection.

4. Programs for loyal customers

Customers love if their loyalty is rewarded, and this can be achieved by organizing loyalty programs. This not only makes users feel special, through cash backs, discounts or gifts, and rewards but also encourages them to form a trust bond with the company. Along with a higher value to customers, these programs can be integrated into information retrieval programs and help improve the overall experience of these users.

5. Be Creative with what you have

Adopting the process of progressive profiling can go a long way in utilizing data that has been collected over time without direct communication from the users. Parameters like the behavior of users, the time they spend on various pages of the websites, links they visit speak volumes about the kind of experiences they are inclined towards. For example, for a website that offers information about different technology in the market, it is easy to identify by the section a particular user visits often, what they are more inclined towards, phones, laptops, televisions, or audio systems.


Switching to first party data is a wise and proactive decision to help your company understand their customers on a direct level, without any middlemen, and shows users that you are willing to personalize their experience to the best of your capabilities. While some methods of this data collection can be more straightforward like surveys or quizzes and are appreciated by users, there are other ways to add an element of fun and get the required information indirectly through games, activities, engagement events and activities, competitions, and much more. As far as creativity is concerned, the sky’s the limit but if the company’s effort and growth towards consumer satisfaction is visible, users do not hesitate and are more than happy to build a bond of trust and loyalty with brands, and help take the company to new heights.



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